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Have fun with Napier Scooter Hire

Napier Scooter Hire

The best way to get out and about in Hawke's Bay!

Welcome to Napier Scooter Hire. A fun way to discover the Bay for tourists, visitors and locals.

50cc Petrol Scooter, one person only and available with any licence, even a learners. We supply all you will need, a tutorial, helmet, maps and Insurance. Insurance is $10 on top of the hire fee.

Segway Ninebot Electric kick-start scooters, a little like the Lime scooters but way cooler. These are for perfect for cruising around town and down the cycle pathways. They are not for jumps and stunts as the base is to heavy and does not spin around due to the electric lights underneath.

Fat Boy Harley Scooters. These are only for the cycle pathways as they are just a little too big to be around the towns and on footpaths. Here in the Bay though we are blessed with 200klms of amazing cycle-ways. 16+

Last but not least we have our Mobility Scooters, these are one person only and no age limit on these.

Come and see at 37 Marine Parade, Napier or give us a call on 0800 466 822 or 027 834 34 14.

Rent a scooter and discover Hawke’s Bay!

Why hire a Scooter?

It's easy, cost-effective and most of all fun!

There are numerous other reasons to hire a scooter such as:

  • Zipping around the city with ease
  • Explore the area
  • Have a day at the beach with friends
  • They’re easy to park to great for events
  • Thinking of buying one? give it a go first!
  • Need to take a motor bike test? Get some experience

Our scooters are:

  • Easy to ride
  • Electric and kick start
  • Auto transmission
  • Helmet supplied
  • Any current vehicle licence accepted
  • Steering locks come standard
Napier Scooter Hire Marine Parade


50CC Scooters

We require a bond from you (age dependent) and we supply insurance, helmet, map and a 10 – 15 minute tutorial for your safety.

  • 2 hours $35
  • 4 hours $55
  • 1 day $90
  • Long term lease available

Our scooters are regularly serviced, modern, reliable, easy to park and get around the beautiful Hawke’s Bay.


  • $35 per charge (approx 2hrs)
Napier Scoter Hire Fat Boy Harley Scooters

FAT BOY Harley Scooters

  • 1 hour $35
  • 2 hours $55
Napier Scooter Hire Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters

We have two mobility scooters available for hire.

  • 2 hours $30
  • 4 hours $50
  • Full day and long term lease negotiable

Our mobility scooters are regularly serviced, modern, reliable, easy to park and get around the beautiful Hawke’s Bay.

Napier Scooter Hire Hawkes Bay


Need further information?
Give us a call on 0800 466 822.

Do I need insurance?

Yes we supply compulsory $10 insurance per hire.

What does this cover?

You will have full comprehensive insurance with an excess dependent on age.

Do I pay a bond?

Yes, unless you use your passport as the bond, we shall take a bond dependent on age. No licence is required for electric or mobility scooters.

What licence do I need to hire a scooter?

A standard drivers licence is all that is needed to ride 50cc scooters and includes those using a learners license. If your Driver’s Licence is not in English, you will need an International Driver’s Permit.

Please note that 50cc scooters are not permitted on motorways. Only one person on all scooters and the electric ones Segway, Harley or Mobility are not for the roads.

Contact Us

Contact us and we'll deliver to your door. Look after our scooters and we'll look after you!


Sarah and Paul Williams
37 Marine Parade, Napier

Call Us

0800 466 822 or 027 834 34 14